This is my primary gallery and consists of colections of images resulting from a single trip (in the UK it may be a combination of several trips) to a specific geographical location or region.  I have grouped these by continent (North and South America are combined into the "Americas").  The images were primarily shot in the wild but, where this is not the case I will try to make that very clear e.g., South Africa 2008 is split into two collections, one of which is for the wild images from Kruger NP, the other semi-wild / captive images from other places visited in the region.

Some trips such as India in 2009 will have both a wildlife and a non-wildlife collection in different galleries, others where there is wildlife and non-wildlife images will sit in one gallery or the other.

The Plant & Natural Structures section is a collection of 'non-animal' images from the natural world and may be a mixture of truly wild and 'captive' subjects.

The collections are summarised below and you can access each of these either via the main menu bar above or by clicking on the links below. 



Tanzania 2012

Gambia 2010

Kenya 2008

South Africa 2008

Kenya 2006

Kenya 2002

Namibia & Botswana 2001

Kenya & Tanzania 1999

Kenya 1998


Florida, USA 2006



India 2011

Borneo (Indonesia) 2009

India 2009

Sri Lanka 2007



Slovakia 2012

Finland 2008



Gigrin Farm (Wales) 2013

Donna Nook (Linc.) 2013

Bradgate Park, (Leics) 2013

River Salwarpe (Worc.) 2013

Bempton Cliffs 2013

Farne Islands (NE England) 2012

Seahouses (NE England) 2012

Cairngorm NP, Scotland 2011-12

 Bradgate Park, (Leics) upto 2011

Bass Rock 2010 (North Berwick)

 Plants & Natural Structures



Many of these galleries, particularly the overseas trips, also have associated trip reports trip reports to give more information about the trip and the photography.