This is a secondary "wildlife" gallery and consists of collections of images resulting from various captive collections, workshops, etc. where the subjects photographed were not in the wild.  Some of my trips to wild regions also occasionally include some subjects that are captive e.g., South Africa 2008.  In these cases those pictures will either be here or in the "wildlife" gallery but I will also try to make it clear where this is the case.  None of the images in this gallery were shot in the wild.

I will split the gallery into different portfolios for Collections (e.g., zoos) or Workshops, Birds, Mammals, Reptiles and Amphibians, Insects, and Everything Else.

This part of the site is still under construction and is likely to be for some time whilst I work through my archives and decide how best to present these images.  Please keep checking back as I will be regularly adding images to this area.


Specific Collections / Workshops






Reptiles and Amphibians



 Everything Else