This is my secondary gallery and consists of collections of images resulting from both specific trips to a specific geographical location or region, and miscellaneous images of places, events or people.  I have grouped these by UK, Overseas (Europe), Overseas or Other.  Where it is a specific trip I will try to make it clear what gear I used. 

Some trips such as India in 2009 will have both a wildlife and a non-wildlife collection in different galleries, others where there is a variety of wildlife and non-wildlife images will sit in one gallery or the other.

The wildlife collections are summarised below and you can access each of these either via the main menu bar above or by clicking on the links below. 


Places - UK



Places - Overseas (Europe)


Switzerland / Germany / France 2013

Croatia (Dubrovnik) 2013

Rome 2012

Croatia 2006


Places - Overseas


Tenerife 2013

Morocco 2012

New England (US) 2010

India 2009





Wall Art


Some of these galleries, particularly the overseas trips, also have associated trip reports trip reports to give more information about the trip and the photography.